About Lentala


Creating quality products designed for good health & movement for people motivated Boris Lancelot to found studio Lentala in 2022. He represents a new generation of designers creating design that serves the body, where the design process starts from physical sensation.

VisionSeeing movement as healing and strengthening, we respond to the unhealthy inactivity in daily life which is today a recognized growing problem among adults, but also children and young people. Studio Lentala is committed to deliver designs for people to discover and strengthen their bodies to enjoy healthy lives.


The main source of inspiration is the human body and its abilities within the built  environment. Lentala’s philosophy challenges the ideas of health & movement design beyond ergonomics, through environmental psychology, cultural attitudes and movement science to provide movement-focused designs.

Fueled by movement science

In response to our unhealthy chair sitting behaviour: a collaborative project ‘Active Classroom’ between designers and movement scientists was initiated with the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Groningen. The aim was to conduct research by testing alternative seating solutions in primary school classes. After multiple research projects the two Lentala seats, Rom & Lupa, were scientifically proven to enable more variation and freedom of movement than regular chairs.



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